Friday 20 February 2015

Review: Tropic Eye Refresh Roll On

Its amazing the amount of advice people want to offer you when they hear you are pregnant. Some of it useful and some ... not so much! One thing though that is repeated quite often is "You will never sleep again" so when our son was born in 2011 I was ready and waiting for the lack of sleep! 
Thankfully he was kind and from the start I pretty much got 3 hours between feeds which soon increased to a full nights sleep within a few months. 
Our daughter too, was quite thoughtful, a little bit fussier initially but after about five months a full nights sleep was restored! 
Something though people forgot to mention as much was the lack of sleep that came with teething.  

When I received the Tropic Eye Refresh Roll On from the lovely Caron Brooks at Christmas I was delighted and over the last few weeks it has certainly been put to the test thanks to my poor daughter's teething! 

My first impression of the product was the packaging. To me it portrayed the beliefs and values of Tropic Skincare very well which is Pure, Honest and Effective, the later of which I was hoping to be true! 

What does it do?

"De-Puffs, De-Crinkles & De-Shadows.
Brighten up your eyes with our cooling Eye Refresh Herbal Wand! This silky gel is exploding with incredible natural extracts and vitamins that hydrate, moisturise and firm the eye area whilst eliminating dark circles and puffiness. Contains Arnica to reduce dark circles & Green Coffee to improve blood flow and reduce redness.

Use the cooling stainless steel roll on ball to massage the eye area in the mornings to kick start your day and make your eyes look and feel illuminated, radiant and refreshed."

On reading what this beauty is supposed to be able to do I couldn't wait to put it to the test and see the results for myself! 

What I thought

As mentioned above I have been using the Eye Refresh for the last few weeks as part of my morning routine. 

I loved the roll on ball and found it very easy to use and quick to apply. As recommended I rolled the gel around my eye socket and I did this a couple of times. 
My initial reaction was how cooling the gel felt on my eyes and that there was no stickiness as I've found with similar products in the past. 

With me having wake-up calls over the last couple of weeks ranging from 1.30am onwards, I was quite surprised each day after using the product how "awake" my eyes looked and not dull and puffy as one would expect from broken sleep.   

The Tropic Eye Refresh Roll On is £15 (Approximately €20) which I think is reasonable value for a product made with natural plant extracts. 

For me, this will be something I will be having to hand as there looks to be more sleepless nights ahead until that last tooth pops through! 

Where to buy

Tropic Skincare products are not available yet in the Republic of Ireland but pop by to Caron's site if you'd like to purchase the Eye Refresh Roll on yourself to  "De-Puff, De-Crinkle & De-Shadow" your tired eyes or maybe you'd like to try something else from the Tropic Skincare range!

Keep an eye out, as soon as Tropic Skincare is available in the Republic of Ireland you will be the first to know here!

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