Tuesday 17 February 2015

Review - Kinder Storymakers.com

I was recently asked by MummyPages if I would like to review Kinder Storymakers.com. On hearing the name, I was quite intrigued and when I asked what it was all about I must say I was quite looking forward to sitting down with my 3 year old and creating his story. 

Kinder Storymaker.com is as the same suggests a site where you can create stories with your little ones. When I explained to my son what we were going to be doing he couldn't wait until his sister went for her nap so we could get stuck in!

Once we were logged in the fun began! We followed the steps entering his name and age and from there we chose our character. This was a tough decision as there were some great ones to choose from and there was lots of "pick him, pick him"!!

Once you have chosen your character, the story begins! You have a choice of scenes to chose from to create each page for example Jungle, Under the Sea and the Dessert.  

Once you choose your scene from there you are given a choice of three main characters to and three additional smaller ones you can add to create your story. 
As you can see from the images below, once you have chosen your main character you have an option of a reply to your character's question or if you wish you can write your own! 

In all you create 4 pages before coming to the final page where you are given two options to go home to your street or to your house. 

Below, I chose the "Go to my house" option. Here again you have a choice of three characters and again can add some additional characters to the scene. 

When you have completed your story, you have the option then to enter a competition where the best story chosen will be published! 
You can also download the story you have created or log in to be able to it read again and again via your tablet or laptop. 

I must say creating the story was fun. There were lots of options to choose from and it is something I feel I would go back to again and again. For me I think it will be fun to see how creative he gets as he gets older and also too when my daughter is old enough to see what she will create. For my son is happy to chose the standard options available rather than creating his own. 

I created the story "The Adventures of Gus the Parrot" which I've downloaded for you to view here

Why not try out Kinder's Storymaker.com with your little one's or maybe create a story for a niece, nephew maybe even a loved one! I think it's a great way to create your individual story and the kids big and small will love seeing their little adventure develop!

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  1. Awh Brilliant. I love these kinds of things. I got my Nephew a little batman book. He's Batman's right hand man :)

    1. Ah bless :-)
      It was great fun & looking forward to creating more stories :-)